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Big Ass Nuts

Wherever I watch Jimmy Diresta I always covet the big nuts he uses for holding down work or stabilising a board while sanding. I keep an eye open on eBay for them from time to time and found some a few months ago.

I don't have a use for them in the same way Jimmy does but thought they might be interesting desk toys or at least make people question why I have them when on a zoom call.

When they arrived, they were expectedly covered in grease to prevent rust, but a quick bath in acetone sorted that out. after that I went to work with some files to knock down any high spots.

And sat down to pass time sanding and polishing my nuts while watching some tv.

I went through 120 - 3000 grit sandpaper then onto a buffing wheel in the Dremel and a polishing compound to a mirror shine.

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