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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Alec Steele has a strong brand identity and his makers mark is simple, effective and recognisable. Following the basic design principles for a mark and with some influence from Roman Mars about flags over at 99pi, I tried to make the MartinelliMakes M follow those guidelines.

When I started the Etsy store I needed away to add a mark to the the products we sold.

I've tried laser engraving and rubber stamps but laser etching a mark is time consuming and the stamps look cheap. I wanted something with a little more class. We found this old embossing stamp in an antiques place near the coast. It had the initial S. D. in the block but just needed a little cleaning up and a replacement set of stamping dies.

A lick of paint and it was ready. As for the replacement stamping dies, I did think about making them from aluminium but they were only going to be used on paper so I went with some cast acrylic and formed them on the X-Carve.

When you make the artwork the next time, remember to mirror it before the carve it :). It was cut using a 90° V bit and the toolpath was set using Easel-pro

All assembled and ready for use. If you ever purchase a laser cut card from the Etsy store it will have been marked by this embossing stamp.

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